About Pegasus Steel

Pegasus Steel is owned jointly by Tony Deering and Alex Russell and there are more than 240 people employed within the group.

Pegasus Steel is a one-stop 24-hour steel working service centre processing more than 1250 tons of steel per month and specializing in CNC Laser Cutting, High Definition Plasma Cutting, CNC bending, CNC Oxyfuel Cutting, Guillotine Cutting, Rolling and Fabrication. 

Established in 1994, the 6 800m² factory area of Pegasus Steel houses one Trumpf Fiber TruLaser 5040 5kW with a 4 m x 2 m bed, three 5kW laser cutters with a 6m x 2m cutting bed, a 6kW laser cutter with a 3m x 1.5m cutting bed, three omnicut high-definition plasma cutters, two dry plasma cutters, six Oxyfuel profile cutters, four CNC press brakes, two conventional press brakes, two NC saws and four plate rolls.

Pegasus Steel is often the outsourced partner of choice for steel suppliers and large steel fabricators as we are renowned for our fast, high quality results. (We can offer lead times of as little as 48 hours on urgent contracts).The company has an established customer base throughout Gauteng, South Africa and the SADEC (Southern African Development Community) region.

At Pegasus Steel, our success has been achieved by our friendly approach, listening to our customers’ requirements and providing effective solutions within budgetary constraints. Our unrivalled depth of experience and extensive range of equipment enables us to provide innovative solutions to save our customers time, labour, material and money.

Pegasus Steel is committed to sustainable job creation and equal opportunities for all. We are proud to be linked to privately owned black empowerment steel service centre Mila Pegasus.

Mila Pegasus Steel is a privately owned, Black Empowerment partner with a 34% BEE shareholding. Pegasus Steel works with and assists Mila Pegasus offering technical advice and access to specialist equipment and facilities.

Mila Pegasus Steel aims to be a leading edge, high technology hub in steel processing and is rapidly establishing a reputation for speed, quality and competitive pricing.

Pegasus Steel is committed to ongoing improvement and over the past three years, has made an investment of over R35 million in new equipment and facilities. The company has now acquired the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification.